Thursday, September 21, 2006

Rich Dad, Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki says:

The Catastrophe Ahead

... we recommend that you change yourself and prepare for the economic turbulence that lies ahead. If you think political action can save this country from itself, I'm afraid you're dreaming -- or perhaps daydreaming as you waddle through that figurative crosswalk.

In the next five years, the United States and the world will go through some of the most financially disturbing times in the history of the world. Once again, the rich will become very, very, rich, and the unsuspecting will be left like the passengers on the S.S. Titanic, heading straight for an economic iceberg.

...Which reality you choose -- deciding on how much you can earn and how fast you can earn it -- will determine your station in life five years from now, when things start to get really sticky.

Full article here

He's a real ass to suggest that we should all be out making $70K/day and that we're suckers to work for $70K/yr, but I give his prediction of a dire economic situation about 50/50.


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