Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Welcome to my blog

I started this blog so that I could refer people to a single (and continually updated) location for links and articles relevant to the housing bubble, specifically in SoCal.

I am a buyer. I do not own, nor ever have owned any properties. I am a complete rookie. Specifically, I am sitting in a position to buy, down payment ready, but would have to leverage myself (and my future) pretty heavily just to get into a starter. And if it doesn't appreciate or if it depreciates, your starter could be and ender! It's a risky time. The last few years felt very risky too, but in a different way. Risky if you didn't get in, because you could "miss the boat" and be locked out, and risky because even then, prices seemed pretty outrageous. The timing was never right for me though. Something essential was always missing from the equation, so I was really not able to buy in those early (good) years.

Now, my personal situation has changed. Everything is stable, everything is good. And I'm finally in position to be a buyer. Luckily, we have the internet and can get a lot of good data outside of the traditional sources (MSM, realtors, lenders). I'm a researcher by nature and what I have found leads me to believe that now is the very worst possible time to buy a home.

Your comments, charts, & spreadsheets are appreciated.


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