Friday, November 30, 2007

Is this blog dead?

Yeah, pretty much.

It served it's purpose which was to be a repository of information, links, and graphs. I've never wanted to be the universal link provider for all things housing-bust. There are other blogs that do that already.

It does require a lot of time to keep a blog going, but in the end there was not a lot new to say. Everything that I said would happen has happened and is happening. EVERYTHING. My analysis was spot on. If nothing else this blog serves as evidence to that claim. I am still stunned that the professionals in the industry couldn't see this happening.

When I began blogging, you could not find ANY housing bust news in the MSM. The was only the blatant corrupt cheerleading and parroting of the RE whores. But I understand. They are beholden. It was the Shillers and the Schiffs and the bloggers who spoke the plain truth. Their common sense was first derided as pessimism. They were scolded as "Chicken Little" fear mongers & party poopers. Truth is they were merely making common sense analysis on the fundamentals without blinders of optimism. Don't the Realtors look like Stepford wives in cheerleader uniforms now? It's very clear now who was right and that there was massive problems and unethical behavior in the REIC.

The NAR continues to call the bottom nearly every month. They are liars. Professional liars, offering nothing but spin like you'e get from a shady used car dealer. Nothing more. They do not have anyone's best interests in mind but their own, and lining the pockets of the 6%'ers. We housing bloggers continue to be vindicated everyday.